Solving Adding to & Putting Together Word Problems With and Without Pictures

Math Word Problems - Addition

Solve these addition word problems using the pictures.
Read the word problem, then pick the answer.

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You have N1 books. You get N2 more. How many do you have in all?*books BOY has N1 books. He gets N2 more. How many books does he have?*books GIRL has N1 books. BOY has N2. How many do they have together?*books I read N1 books at home and N2 books at school. How many books do I read in all?*books GIRL counts N1 books on one desk and N2 on another. How many books does she count in all?*books BOY has N1 apples. His brother gives him N2 more. How many does he have then?*apples My mother gives us N1 apples. Later she gives us N2 more. How many did she give us in all?*apples I wash N1 cups after breakfast. After lunch, I wash N2 more. How many did I wash in all?*cups N1 friends are at a party. N2 more friends come. How many are at the party?*friends I go out with N1 friends. We meet N2 more friends. How many friends are with me?*friends There are N1 boxes in the house. Outside we count N2 more. How many boxes do we have?*boxes Inside we count N1 boxes. Outside we count N2 more. How many do we count in all?*boxes GIRL fills N1 boxes. BOY fills N2. How many boxes do they fill together?*boxes GIRL picks up N1 balls and BOY picks up N2. How many balls did they pick up?*balls N1 cars are in the front and N2 are in the back. How many cars are there altogether?*cars N1 cars are here. N2 more cars drive up. How many cars are here?*cars N1 girls are in the room. N2 more girls run in. How many girls are in the room?*girls N1 boys are here. N2 more boys come. How many boys are there in all?*boys I have N1 hats. My friend BOY has N2 hats. How many hats do we have altogether?*hats There are N1 trees in the park. We plant N2 more. How many trees are in the park?*trees I eat N1 oranges on Monday and N2 on Tuesday. How many oranges do I eat in all?*oranges BOY picks N1 flowers and GIRL picks N2. How many flowers did they pick together?*flowers I visit N1 houses on my street and N2 on yours. How many houses do I visit?*houses***BOY picks N1 flowers. 2 days later, he picks N2 more. How many flowers did BOY pick in all?*flowers GIRL has 2 bags of oranges. In one bag there are N1 and in the other N2. How many oranges are there in all?*oranges 6 children work together and plant N1 trees. Later they plant N2 trees. How many trees did they plant in all?*trees 2 boys count their hats. One has N1 hats and the other has N2 hats. How many hats are there in all?*hats There are 2 groups of girls in the room. One group has N1 girls and the other has N2. How many girls are in the room?*girls We see N1 cars go by. 3 days later, we see N2 cars go by. How many cars did we see altogether?*cars We play 2 games. In one game we use N1 balls. In the other we use N2 balls. How many balls did we use?*balls GIRL throws N1 balls and BOY throws N2. How many balls did the 2 of them throw?*balls The 2 boys pick up boxes. One boy has N1 boxes and the other has N2. How many boxes are there in all?*boxes 3 of us set the table. BOY puts out N1 cups. GIRL puts out N2 cups. I put out the plates. How many cups were put out?*cups