Solving Taking From, Taking Apart & Comparing Word Problems With & Without Pictures

Math Word Problems - Subtraction

Solve these subtraction word problems using the pictures.
Read the word problem, then pick the answer.

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BOY has N1 books to read. He reads N2. How many more must he read?*books GIRL has N1 flowers. She gives N2 to her friend. How many does she have left?*flowers I pour N1 cups of water. If I hand out N2 cups, how many cups are left?*cups I have N1 books in my bag. If I take out N2, how many are left in the bag?*books There are N1 apples in a bowl. GIRL eats N2. How many are left in the bowl?*apples We buy N1 oranges and eat N2 of them. How many oranges are left?*oranges There are N1 cars at the school. N2 drive away. How many are still at the school?*cars I have N1 hats. If I give away N2, how many do I still have?*hats There are N1 children in the room. N2 leave. How many are left?*children N1 girls are in the room. If N2 leave, how many girls are left?*girls There are N1 cups of water on the table. If we drink N2, how many cups will be left?*cups There are N1 boxes on the table. If GIRL puts N2 on the floor, how many are still on the table?*boxes N1 books are on my desk. My friend takes N2. How many books do I have left on my desk?*books I go out with N1 friends. N2 have to go home. How many are still with me?*friends There are N1 trees in the park. If N2 are oak trees, how many are not oaks?*trees There are N1 girls in the room. If N2 leave, how many girls are still there?*girls***I went to N1 houses yesterday. Today I go to N2. How many more houses did I go to MAX?*houses*yesterday*today*MAX BOY put N1 oranges in the bag. GIRL adds N2. MAX puts in how many more oranges than MIN?*oranges*BOY*GIRL*MAX GIRL reads N1 books. BOY reads N2. How many more books does MAX read than MIN?*books*GIRL*BOY*MAX There are N1 houses on BOY's street and N2 on GIRL's. How many more houses are on MAX's street?*houses*BOY*GIRL*MAX BOY eats N1 apples. GIRL eats N2. How many more apples does MAX eat than MIN?*apples*BOY*GIRL*MAX GIRL picks N1 apples and BOY picks N2. MIN picks how many less than MAX?*apples*GIRL*BOY*MIN GIRL has N1 books. BOY has N2. How many more books does MAX have than MIN?*books*GIRL*BOY*MAX GIRL has N1 books. BOY has N2. MIN has how many less than MAX?*books*GIRL*BOY*MIN This week I read N1 books. Last week I read N2. How many more books did I read MAX?*books*this week*last week*MAX We count N1 cars in front of the school and N2 in back. How many more cars are there MAX?*cars*in front*in back*MAX BOY takes N1 oranges and GIRL takes N2. How many more oranges does MAX take than MIN?*oranges*BOY*GIRL*MAX GIRL picks N1 flowers. BOY picks N2. MIN picks how many less than MAX?*flowers*GIRL*BOY*MIN GIRL has N1 hats. BOY has N2. How many fewer does MIN have?*hats*GIRL*BOY*MIN There were N1 trees last year. This year there were N2. How many more trees were there MAX?*trees*last year*this year*MIN