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Favorite Fruit*Orange*orange*Apple*apple What We Saw On Our Walk*Butterfly*butterfly*Ladybug*ladybug How I Get to School*Bus*bus*Walk*walk Our Pets*Cat*cat*Dog*dog**Drinks*Juice*Milk*Water*glass***Fruit in My Lunch*Banana*Orange*Cherries*lunchBag What is in My Lunch*Apple*Banana*Carrot*lunchBag What We Cleaned Up*Bottle*Can*Paper*check What I Ate Yesterday*Strawberry*Cherries*Carrot*person1 How We Get to School*Bus*Car*Walk*person2 Sports We Watch*Baseball*Basketball*Football*person2 Sports We Play*Baseball*Basketball*Soccer*person1 Breakfast*Cereal*Egg*Toast*smiley Shoe Color*Black*Blue*Red*check Number of Brothers and Sisters*0*1*2*smiley